Electronic air filter cleaner

Clean air systems for healthier living
We provide industrial air cleaners with air cleaning systems for cleaner air, creating a clean and conducive atmosphere for work. We use industrial air filter designed for modern industrial needs.

Electronic Air filter Singapore
Our electrostatic air filters are designed to capture particles more easily.
So how does it work?

Polarization and electrostatic attraction:
• Polarized fibers collect polarized and charged particles.
• Charged center screen collects polarized and charged particles.

• Natural process (Brownian Motion) greatly accelerated by the field inside the air cleaner. Polarized particles attract each other and charged particles to form clusters that are more easily captured.

Our indoor air filtration system creates a conducive and cleaner environment for work, creating happy employees.

EAC Models
V8 1” & 2” V Bank 1” & 2” Flat / Straigth
Electronic Air Cleaner comes with MERV Rating Improved IAQ and Reduced Operating Costs Electronic Air Cleaner do not produce OZONE