Commercial air purification systems

Air Boss® T-Series Electronic Air Cleaners – Trion

Engineered Solutions For Clean Air

The Trion® T-Series is ideal for the removal of smoke, fumes,and oil/coolant smoke and mist. The T-Series has the ability to clean contaminated indoor air and recirculate it back to the work area, reducing energy costs by not having to exhaust conditioned air to the outside. Our commercial air purification systems are designed to create a cleaner environment for healthier living. Models T1300, T2600 and T5200 can be installed either unducted or ducted for source capture. Models T1001 and T2002 are designed for in-ducted capture.


• Solid State Power Supply
• Spiked Ionizing Blades
• Extra Depth Collector Cells
• Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor
• Electrical Component Box Mounted out of Air Stream
• Optional Multi-Purpose Plenum
• Motor HP Options for Added Static Pressure


  • Self Glazing Ceramic Insulators: Out of Airstream;
    Impervious to Liquids; Provide Operational
    Longevity and Power Supply Life; Easy to Clean
  • Spiked Ionizer: No Ionizing Wires to Replace, Reducing Maintenance and Replacement Cost
  • Permanent Ionizer/Collector Elements: No Filter Replacement Cost; Just Wash, Dry and Reinstall
  • Hinged Filter Access: No Tools
  • Extra Depth Collector Cell with More Dirt Holding Capacity
  • High Efficiency: Up to 95% on Single Pass and 99% on Double Pass Option
  • Low Pressure Drop: Lower Energy Cost to Operate Compared to Media and Cartridge Units

The Trion electrostatic air cleaner uses electrostatic method to clean contaminated air, giving you fresher and cleaner air. The Trion air purifier is designed to purify air and purge dirty particles so you’ll have clean air all the time.

Our air purification systems are guaranteed to keep contaminated air at bay, creating a clean-air environment for healthier lifestyle.

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