Benefits of airstream disinfection

  • Improvement of indoor air quality by reducing of airborne pathogens
  • Odor reduction (when due to bio-contamination)
  • Allergy relief
  • Effective air disinfection

UV can substantially reduce the spread of airborne illness
Indoor air that is continuously re-circulated through 254nm UV light will how a dramatic reduction in the count of bacteria and other microorganisms. Ultravation UVMatrix™ AS equipment for commercial HVAC systems, is designed specifically for airstream disinfection, with design emphasis placed on achieving a balance between intensity and exposure time. Their design reflects Ultravation’s in-depth knowledge of ultraviolet light—and how it is optimized for airstream applications.

UVMatrix™ AS— Easy to configure for any HVAC installation
UVMatrix™ AS systems have lamp arrays engineered to optimize disinfection capability, and can be installed in single or multiple unit configurations.

Lamps with T3™ enhanced performance
Airstream disinfection requires higher UV intensities due to short microorganism exposure times. Ultravation T3™ design, further enhances UV performance by enclosing the lamps in UV transparent quartz, which optimizes lamp temperature. This increases UV intensity under typical operating conditions by approximately 40%. The result is unprecedented disinfection performance for HVAC airstream applications! T3™.

ESP™ Electronic-Smart Power
UVMatrix™ AS systems utilize discrete ESP™ electronic power supplies with no more than two lamps per power supply module—eliminating the possibility of complete loss of disinfection due to UV system trouble. An optional set of remote alarm contacts will help protect against an extended lamp-out condition. ESP™ optimizes lamp performance because it operates at frequencies far exceeding a standard magnetic ballast. Its exceptional stability of voltage and current flow optimizes both lamp output lifespan. In a lamp-out situation, it self protects from an un-loaded condition.

Additional features…
• Low power consumption
• Long lamp life expectancy: 18,000 hrs (approx 24 months)
• Three-year UV system warranty
• One-year UV lamp warranty